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UAE Visa and Passport assistance Services

UAE With Emirates Air isa and Passport assistance Services

Tourist Visa :

  • Original Passport (Valid for at minimum period 6 months at the time of travel) + Photocopy.
  • A single application set for each applicant (including infants).
  • Confirmed Return / Onward ticket on Emirates airlines (original + photocopy).
  • Application form duly filled and signed by applicant.
  • It is recommended that you attach your business card to the Visa application form.
  • Incase of application dispatched through the Blue Dart Acceptance Centers, kindly fill in Section 11 of the application form.
  • Kindly specify in detail the Designation eg “Teacher, Manager, Software Engineer ” in Section 5 of the application form.
  • Kindly specify in detail the Occupation been served, whether “Business or Self Employed ” in Section 6 (i) of the application form.
  • Visa Fees vide Demand Draft drawn in favor of, “Standard Chartered Bank A/c. 24105038019“, payable locally. (We regret our inability in accepting cooperative bank DD’s).
  • One photo size 4.3 x 5.5 cms colored and clear with 80% of the face clearly visible.

Checklist of the sequence of Documents:

  • 1st & 2nd Page of the Application form
  • Confirmed airline ticket photocopy.
  • Guarantee / Covering Letter from Company or travel Agent / SELF.
  • Photocopies of the traveled and valid visa pages. (Incase the Pax has an old passport, then the photocopies of the first page along with any valid visa or travel history)
  • Invitation Letter if any, from the host company in UAE.
  • NOC from parents / husband, Photo ID of parents/ husband. Copy of the host passport / residence visa.
  • Financial Documents (in case of applicant qualifying under Economical status criteria)
    •  IT return acknowledgement
    •  Salary Slips / appointment letter with CTC breakup.
    •   Fixed deposit receipt/s.
  • Hotel accommodation Receipt / Voucher.
  • 3rd & 4th page of the Application form.

Mon-Fri : 9.30 am to 5.30 pm Saturdays : 9.30 am to 1.30 pm


Eligibility Criteria
Criteria I: Travel Record
•  Applicants who have traveled at least once in the last 5 years to or has a valid visa for countries like USA, UK, Schengen countries, European Union, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Canada, Switzerland and Japan.
Pages exhibiting the evidence of the travel and Visa in current or previous Passport.

Applicants who have traveled at least twice in the last 5 years to any country other than Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Myanmar.    SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS REQUIRED 
Previous or Current Passport pages exhibiting the evidence of the travel supported along with the proof of income for last 2 years.    Criteria II: Financial records
Applicants not qualifying as per Criteria I (Travel Record), is required to submit either Form 16 or last 2 Years Income Tax return with a minimum gross income from business, profession or employment which should exceed 2 lakhs INR pa.
Investments amounting to INR 5 Lakhs or above, in form of Fixed deposits in Banks or Post Office. ** Investments to be a year prior from the date of application with a validity of more than 12 months, Investments in Co-operative Banks or Societies are not acceptable.
SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS REQUIRED    •  Original + Photocopy of Income Tax returns
•  Photo copy of Pan Card.
•  Original + Photocopy of Fixed Deposit Receipt.
Criteria III: Invitation from immediate family member residing in Dubai on family status
•  Spouse and children below 21 years of age AND / OR parents above 60 years of age can be invited
•  Invitation Letter
•  Passport copy
•  Valid Residence visa copy of the host
Criteria IV: Repeat Passengers
•  In case of a Passenger who have availed of a visa from DVPC at least 3 times in the last

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